Huy Phat Specializes in Production and Business of Rice Husk

Husk pellets (rice husk tablets, pressed rice husks …) are produced from 100% of the rice husks, the husks put into the storage tank of pureed rice husks, dried through a dust filter system, are transferred to high pressure compressors through mold holes At the same time, the husks themselves have lignin binder, thus creating a round pillar form of compacted ball.

Technical Data Husk

Husk pellets are manufactured with a diameter of 6mm – 12mm.

Shape: Round cylinder: Ø6-12mm Length: 30mm- 60mm
Compression > 1,400 kg/m3Humidity < 8%
Heat 3,900 – 4,200 cal/gAsh degree < 15%

Application Of Rice Husk

As a product from rice husks is widely used in many fields (fuel, livestock, civil, …) in both domestic and export markets.

Replace DO, FO oilReplace charcoal.Replace coal
Replace gas.Electric replacement

Advantages of Husked Prawn

  • Tablets in the form of husks have a small volume so they are flammable, easy to obtain high heat, and have a pleasant aroma
  • Another important advantage to mention is the rice husk is a clean source of energy, does not cause environmental pollution, is a sustainable renewable energy source.
  • At the same time, using rice husks will help manufacturing businesses save fuel costs.